Everything is Connected

E.M. Forster’s epigraph to Howard’s End (Forster, 1910) is famously ‘Only connect…’ It’s this principle which informs Spinoza’s Ethics. For Spinoza God is “All-That-There-Is”. God is “immanent”; God is within everything. God is the forces which produce all of us and what connect us. This idea has profound implications for our conceptions of knowledge; it means that we have to see knowledge ultimately as “one” as “whole” because knowledge is God. (Spinoza, 1994a, p. 9 P.13)

Journey into Joy

Reflections: have a go at the following exercises, and then either write down your reflections on these activities or devise some kind of response to them (e.g. poem/music/discussion etc.)

  • Feel your pulse.
  • Listen: Stop for a moment, shut your eyes and just listen very carefully to all the sounds around you.
  • Eat your food very, very slowly, savouring every last drop.
  • Drink some water and concentrate on the sensation of it going through your body.
  • Look very carefully at people’s eyes for a few minutes when you are walking down the street.